Webroot Antivirus – Webroot SecureAnywhere – A Shield towards Online Cybersecurity

This antivirus software is your one stop solution for providing fast protection to your devices. As a user you can also easily keep safe from hacking, malwares and other web threats. And, you know what’s the best part is, Webroot wouldn’t slow you down and is highly easy to use.

The Antivirus Software also doesn’t hoard much space, as it has straight storage in the cloud.

Fast Installation, Fast Scanning and Better Robust Threat Library.

Webroot Wi-Fi Security & Virus Protection – Added Safety Online

One of the most beneficial parts of Webroot is that it offers Wi-Fi security along with Virus Protection. If you are somebody who is always on the internet, then going for this is the best way to stay safe online. The protection is always strong even when you use an unsecured Wi-Fi.

Through this, your devices, connection, privacy and everything else over the web remains safe and secure. This is easily available for Mac, Windows and Android systems.

New Identity Theft Protection

Were you aware that you internet browsing habits might be harming you? Some of the malwares are able to monitor your internet usage habits along with keystrokes recording.

But, Webroot does the job by protecting your username, account number and several other information. So, get your antivirus software today.

Secure Browsing & Super-Fast Scans

 When you browse with Webroot, its real time anti-phishing helps to protect your data in the best way possible. And another part is that Webroot only takes a good 20 seconds to scan, and technically this is 60 times faster than its other competitors in the market.

Smart Cybersecurity Solutions with Webroot Antivirus

Comprehensive Internet Security Boosts Blockage of Viruses and Malwares. So that you can be secured anytime, anywhere and on any possible device.

Enable Mobile Security for Android and iOS. Get additional help to remotely lock and wipe off data from your stolen devices.

Are you a Facebook User?

Avail Webroot’s Social Network Protection. Unbelievably there are a billion Facebook users who trust Webroot Antivirus to keep away from online security threats.

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